Becoming a 21th century classroom teacher.

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class assignment

Equipment and software to be used:

Laptop and desktop computers running Microsoft XP
Micosoft Office 2007 and 2003
PhotoStory3 (free Microsoft download)
Avid Media Digital Document Camera model CP130
Survey and Poll online software Surveygizmos SurveyMonkey
RM Class Pad
Easy Teach Software
Head phone with mic
Neo AlphaSmart Key Boards
Instructions for installing EasyTeach Reader
  1. When the file has finished downloading, ensure that you are logged on as an administrator user and, using Microsoft® Windows® Explorer, browse to the file Easiteach Reader V3.3.exe saved to the location in step one above. Double-click on the filename to start the installation.
  2. Click Unzip.
  3. Click OK on the 'unzipped successfully' dialog and the Easiteach Reader installation will begin.
  4. At the first screen click Next.
  5. Choose the button to accept the displayed licence agreement, click Next.
  6. We recommend you choose the Complete installation, click Next.
  7. If you accept the default installation location, C:\Program Files\Research Machines\Easiteach Reader, click Next. If you want to change the installation location, click Custom, Next, and then 'Change...', choose the installation location and click Next.
  8. Click Install to install Easiteach Reader.
  9. Click Finish when you see the message InstallShield Wizard Completed.

Sumary of first lesson

Our session will be our classroom with a warm up, teacher lead lesson, student work time, summary and reflection. The final product will be an understanding of how to maximize your existing technology to engage students, including how to test students frequently, an introduction to student self assessments and peer review. We will post online samples of paper and pencil work, Word Docs, PowerPoint presentation, video, pod cast . Every thing will be done and/or introduced during the session. The website will be left open so participates can revisit, start discussions and add to it as needed.
Participate are encouraged to bring laptops or other technology that will allow them to access the internet during the session.

Make Pod Casts with Microsoft Movie Maker

Use PowerPoint to make jpegs (pictures) and Photo Story 3 to make a movie. All without using a camera.

Digital Divide