family_photos-wedding,_zoo,_easter,_rissa's_b-day_020.jpgHello, my name is Jennifer Jones. I am a second grade teacher at Crystal Springs Elementary School.Teaching is my passion and I enjoying doing it. I love learning about technology and using it in my classroom to help my children learn and grow. My goal is to provide my students with the technological tools they need in order to be successful and productive in the 21st century and beyond. Finally, I hope the lessons that I have created will prove to be beneficial to you as well as the educational learning community at large. Happy Learning!!


Lesson 1: This lesson is designed to teach second grade students number sense and how to become fluent in the recall of math addition facts.

Websites that are used with the lesson:
Math Magician
Destination Success

Another great website to be used for additional practice.
Addition Blast Off

Lesson 2: This lesson is designed to teach second grade students the three states of matter and their properties.

Video to be used with the lesson
Water is Matter

What do the molecules of a solid, liquid, and gas, look like? Take a look at the chart below.